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Scott Cash
2 min readApr 8, 2021
Health Motivation Game

Motivate yourself to better health! Aid Bum The Game, a web site, will have its grand opening September 2021. Medical patients will benefit from positive psychology, gameful design and reasoning ratios to speed up their recovery. Owner Scott Coplen, says it’s easy to use, “You just watch watch videos, and read articles recommended by your doctor and Aid Bum staff. The game starts when you wake up. At the end of the day you give yourself an effort score from 0% to 100%.”

“After it becomes fun, it needs to progress into being more difficult…Connect to experts, and other patients. It’s all about sharing. Life shared is life enriched.”

I have read how the game works, and it sounds like a great idea, if you need to motivate yourself or loved ones to greater health.

If you buy into the Aid Bum Game, and have more fun than playing your favorite video games, you definitely could add 5–20 years to your life. E.g., if your doctor constantly tells you to get your body weight down, you will be told in videos and articles why this advice is important and the easiest ways to have fun losing weight.

This game needs to be played everywhere. I hope Aid Bum gets really popular. The world could use more healthy humans!

The website is still being created, and can be seen at



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