The Truth About Online Casinos

Scott Cash
3 min readMay 5, 2021


4 Things To Do When Casino Gambling

It’s the middle of the night. I’m too excited to sleep. I’m sitting at my desk, sipping on cheap Chardonnay. My computer is logged in to a casino I trust because the live chat people give me free money. They are reliable. I’ve never had an issue with them. My money is safe.

My favorite high energy music playlist is playing in the background. I’ve never had so much excitement in all my life. I am using my blackjack skills to win money at a casino that has the latest and greatest software for unlimited awe factor.

I increase my bet 10-fold in blackjack because I’ve been counting cards with my mind and know the deck is favorable with more 10s! I hit blackjack then request a withdraw, because I am a disciplined gambler who is out to make a profit, like Ben Affleck use to do.

What I do not know is the casino does not like advantage players. My withdraw is rejected, like a kick to my private parts! I am filled with anger.

Even though I think I am being righteous with my skills, the casino sees card counting as cheating. It is a gray area that needs to be debated between gamblers and online casinos.

It didn’t take me long to realize that advantage players do not have an advantage in online gambling, because the casino can detect them and choose to treat them as cheaters. E.g., increasing your bet when the deck is favorable, and decreasing it when it’s not.

Lesson learned!

Another form of gray area cheating you need to be aware of is “bonus hunting.” This involves having multiple casino accounts to get more bonus money when making a deposit.

Casino bonus terms and conditions do warn players that “cheating” and “seeking an advatage over the casino” are against the rules. If you do seek an advantage, you’ll cash out with a fear of being caught.

When I was not able to withdraw my winnings I was irate. I thought that I was in the right. That my Blackjack skills should have been rewarded. That was the final draw that broke the monkey’s stack. I finally learned that you can’t create an income from casinos, unless you own one or promote them as an affiliate. So my career as a card counter came to an end.

If you think you can win at online gambling, then you are in the same boat as millions of people. You can do it, but you need my help. You need to use timeless principles and play by the rules. I’ll show you the approach you should take and the knowledge you need to win some dough.

You can start by getting on your prayer-bones and asking for wisdom, then read my how to win gambling online article.



Scott Cash

Writer Scott Cash is the author of 10+ articles about gambling online, and writes a blog called CasinoSite. He is a former Blackjack card counter.