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Its time to improve my family and friends willpower. I will create a game called Willpower that’s easy to play. Willpower management is a weakness to those who have not set a goal to improve their willpower.

This is the game:



Willpower uses the brain’s prefrontal cortex. The more we manage willpower the more we know it is the cause of all our success. Come join the experts who have learned how to use the willpower muscle.

Reasons We Have Willpower:

20% We focus on one thing at a time. We hit the easy button. We know willpower and decision-making are the same thing. We minimize decision-making.

15% We see willpower like a muscle that gets fatigued with heavy use. Willpower needs time to recover. Allow yourself to relax when you need it. Willpower will restore its energy levels.

Exerting self-control improves willpower strength. You should exert self-control on improving your mood, posture and body through exercise to grow the muscle. Your muscle will strengthen over time.

15% If fasting does not work for you, eating regularly to maintain blood-sugar levels in the brain will refuel run-down willpower stores. Just minimize the sugar and eat healthy meals to get the job done.

13% We know we have gas in the tank when we continue to choose delayed gratification with a reward later over instant gratification. The tank is empty when you lose this fight in your brain.

12% We exert self-control on improving our moods.

12% We exert self-control on improving our posture.

12% We exert self-control on exercising daily.

5% We do movement mediation.

5% We change these Willpower Reasons to reflect weaknesses at the top and strengths at the bottom.

3% We do non-movement meditation, esp. if our willpower muscle gets fatigued.

3% We finish what we started.

2% Other: Add new things.

1% We do not make a list of New Year’s resolutions. That is the worst approach. Focus on one goal at a time will keep your tank above empty.

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